Insurance Services

We work with clients to interrupt inefficient or stale process and identify opportunities in workflow and marketplace. We develop technological and human solutions to deliver bottom line results.

•Workflow Analysis & Solutions
•Business Analytics & Enterprise Reporting
•FNOL & predictive tools
•Triage Services and rule engines
•Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
•Case Creation & Claims Assignment
•Title Processing
•Custom development, implementation and integration with claims systems
•Mobile Technology– Smart Phone and Tablet solutions
•Web Tools & Portals

mBid Insurance Services

An equitable marketplace for salvage assets. mBid connects buyer with a sustained and specific appetite with insurance sellers looking to maximize salvage recoveries.

Buy From Us

Get the local vehicles you deserve. We offer our partners a chance to tap into consumer, insurance, and non-profit vehicle streams.

We cater to every appetite, from high value units to damaged vehicles, parts vehicles, low value units, and end of life volume.

Increasing Net
We’ve dramatically reduced fees to maximize your purchasing power, generating higher net returns.
Ethan Frederick GrantInsurance Services