United Recyclers Group 2016 Conference

Our General Manager Kelly and Marlayna are at the 2016 United Recyclers Group Conference in San Antonio, Texas. URG is a well known and established company. It was founded by three auto recyclers in 1995. Our mission is to lead the industry in providing superior products and services tailored to the operational needs of automotive

Why I Switched to MariaDB and Haven’t Looked Back

As a longtime Oracle user, I always felt that MySql was in “catch up” mode. It only developed ACID-compliant transactions and Declarative Referential Integrity begrudgingly, after InnoDB came along, and even then was still missing “big” database features like point in time recovery. Still at some point early in the new millennium, MySql matured enough

data security

ARS: Data Security

From identity theft to credit card breaches, Americans are impacted by inadequate data security policies every year, leaving many unsure of which organizations to trust. The need for greater data security is increasing as more and more businesses offer their customers enhanced services which require the handling, transfer, and storage of personal information. For organizations

The Ethical Competitive Advantage

Despite the poor outlook for scrap metal pricing and declining profit margins for scrap yards as we progress into the year; some within the industry are trying to shift priorities to shift this into an opportunity for their businesses. Some scrap yards are seeing this as an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by focusing