Car donation industry terms

A Glossary of Automotive Industry Terms

In the world of philanthropy and sustainable giving, the car donation industry has gained significant traction as an easy and impactful way to support nonprofit organizations while also responsibly disposing of old vehicles. Navigating this field requires more than just a willingness to contribute; it demands a comprehension of the terminology that defines the process,

End of the Year…ALREADY?!

I think I saw…no, I KNOW I saw some bright orange leaves on a tree in my yard this weekend. You know what that means.  Fall is coming! Let’s face it…we’re way more than halfway through the year and before you know it we’ll find ourselves preparing for the holidays with cooking, shopping, planning and

Moving Back Home for the Summer Could Lead to a Surprise Tax Deduction

The time is here.  The school year has ended and the dorms are closing for the summer.  You’re finally scheduled to pick up your son or daughter (or both) from college and they’ll be all yours for the next 3 months. You arrive at the dorm to find boxes, bags and milk crates, furniture and

7 Easy Last-Minute Tax Tips

There’s a lot of talk in the office about the looming deadline for tax filing.  Some took care of this responsibility early, while others waited until the last minute.  With less than a week to go, there’s little time and lots of anxiety for those who waited. If you’re like those of us who waited