1977 FORD F250 Donated to Disabled American Veterans

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t’s not every day that someone donates an antique car through Car Donation Wizard, but when it happens we love to share it with our readers. This fantastic vehicle was donated in support for Disabled American Veterans. Keep reading about this car’s history, and more information about DAV.

The Car: 1977 Ford F250

This car has been dubbed “the perfect do-everything car of the ’70s”, and it’s easy to see why.

disabled american veterans car donation

This car is part of Ford’s F-Series line of cars, first manufactured in 1958. We’ve previously written about an F350, but this ’77 is clearly of a different caliber. This is not a Super Duty, but a Highboy.

The Highboy refers to 67-77 F-250 4×4’s. The name actually came from the Ford factory. They sat higher up in the factory than other pickups of the time, and thus a nickname was born! The Highboy was actually the basis of the very first monster truck, the Bigfoot 1.

As far as we know, this particular Highboy never reached monstrous heights, but it’s clearly equipped for offroading or camping, or just luxurious cruising.

After decades on the road, the upholstery is still looking quite sharp!

disabled american veterans car donation

The Charity: Disabled American Veterans

As amazing as driving this antique must be, the owner knew that it could help an even better cause. They decided to donate this electric lady to Disabled American Veterans, a charity with an honorable legacy.

DAV (Disabled American Veterans) has been serving veterans since 1920. It has a single purpose: “empowering veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity.”

In 2017, DAV helped connect veterans and their families with over $4 billion in benefits. Nationwide, they have nearly 1,300 chapters and over 1 million members. They work to ensure veterans get the benefits they deserve and help veterans help one another.

To help support Disabled American Veterans by donating your car, visit our website or give us a call at (877) 999-8322.

Emily Kelley1977 FORD F250 Donated to Disabled American Veterans

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