AIDs Awareness Month

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AIDs is one of the scariest words in the dictionary, but as scary as the word may seem to us, for some it is a lifelong reality. Over one million Americans are living with HIV/AIDs.

With over one million Americans living with AIDs the scariest part is that 1 out of 5 of them do not even know they have it. Every nine and a half minutes someone in America is infected. AIDS awareness month raises funding and awareness, fosters love and support to those who are in need, provides education about the disease and how to protect yourself against it, and is meant to help fight the prejudices that are associated with it.

This year, we had a car donation of a 1976 Toyota pickup truck to Lifelong AIDs Alliance. You may think that your vehicle is worthless, or its just sitting there collecting rust and becoming an eyesore, but the impact your vehicle donation has on causes such as Lifelong is much bigger than you may realize.  The average amount that’s given to a nonprofit for the donation of a vehicle through Car Donation Wizard is $542.


“Lifelong was born from a simple soup can, passed around Volunteer Park in 1983. The $42 that those advocates collected that evening was to help them feed, house and stand by those fighting AIDS—when no one else would. Evergreen Wellness Advocates also began small. A group of close friends gathered at a bar in 1985, discussing ways to help another friend dying from the disease. And help they did—with food, with chores, with money, and most importantly, with compassion.”

Compassion is something that everyone needs. It enlightens us, makes us stronger as a people, and is what unites us. If you are interested in donating a car, truck, SUV, boat, RV or more, you can do so by visiting or by clicking here.


Kristina WilliamsAIDs Awareness Month

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