Blakely Bernardi Donated to American Cancer Society

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[avatar user=”alyons” /] Check out this 1970 Blakely Bernardi donated to the American Cancer Society!

1970 Bernardi

This generous donation comes from Pennsylvania, the donors brother loved this car and named it “Stuart Little”. He had the name placed on the back of the vehicle and his own monicker “Dok” on the door, derived from his nickname “Car Doctor”.

The Blakely Bernardi was produced in Wisconsin at Blakely Auto Works. Similar to other Blakely’s the Bernardi was sold as a built car or as a kit of parts. The Bernardi design was made following the Blakely Bearcat “S” models, the Bernardi models most noticeable new attributes were the changes to the hood, fenders, windshield, bumpers, and a new interior. The new designs had many similarities in the 1950s British MG TD. Art Herschberger named the Bernardi model after Enrico Bernardi, an Italian inventor and pioneer in the automobile industry.

It was not easy for this donor to give Stuart away, but she is happy to be donating a car to one of the best organizations there is,  American Cancer Society, and to be a part of finding a cure. Call us today and talk to one of car donation representatives at (877) 957-2277 to learn more about donating your car or visit us at and start your vehicle donation today!

Ali LyonsBlakely Bernardi Donated to American Cancer Society

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