Car Donation Wizard: Connecting Donors and Charities

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Guest Blogger:  Amanda Nevitt

At Car Donation Wizard we bring donors and charities together.  Every year we receive thousands of car donations from individuals who want to help their favorite cause.  We are experts at helping donors make a big impact by turning their donated cars into cash.

In addition to individual cars, trucks, and motorcycles, we receive a fair share of “fleet” vehicles, which is a group of motor vehicles owned by a business rather than an individual.  We’ve received shuttle vans for hotels, to big box trucks from corporations.  They are an important part of our business and make a big difference for the benefiting charity.

Companies on average keep their fleet vehicles for about five years; most are at the end of their life and not worth much on trade in.  What’s a sensible way to extend the life of those vehicles?  Donate them!  Not only does the donating company receive a tax deduction, but it’s a great way to help build houses, find cures for diseasesprotect animalsempower veteranskeep children safe and healthy…(insert your favorite cause here).

Are you ready to donate?  Let us help you get the most money for your charity of choice.  Click here to get started.

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Emily KelleyCar Donation Wizard: Connecting Donors and Charities

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