Earth Day, Hooray!

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Guest Blogger: Codi Medieros

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is a Worldwide holiday celebrated every April 22nd to help support environmental protection! Did you know the annual amount spent on cleaning up litter is $11.5 BILLION dollars? And 50% of the litter is cigarette butts? Imagine what more we could do with $11.5 billion dollars if everyone disposed of their garbage properly the first time.

In this modern world recycling and doing what is right has become more convenient. Take a look at the packaging of the products you buy as well. Try to reduce plastic consumption, or opt for recyclable packaging. When you are walking around notice almost every trash bin you see is accompanied by a recycling bin. Next time you are at the grocery store take a look around for their bottle and can deposit machine. Depending on your state, you can get a few dollars back for doing what is right to help save our planet!

Here are ARS, we took an hour out of the office to go out and pick up some litter around our building. If you are anything like me you may have thought, “Well, I don’t eat outside or smoke.. so it is not my trash.” Taking the time to go out and see all the debris from others wedged in the way of growing plants from the wind carrying it shows you that it is more than just “Their trash, not mine. We share a group responsibility as people on this planet to preserve our environment for generations to come.

Earth Day

Office dog Fergus helps clean up our office park!

Help make a our earth, save our home!

Donating your car can help make the world greener! Reduce your carbon footprint when you donate a car. Automotive recycling diverts waste from landfills. Using public transportation or a bicycle to commute makes a serious difference when it comes to lowering emissions. Do you live in one of the Top 10 Cities to Live Without a Car and Help Save Earth? Check out this handy guide to some of the most walkable and bikeable cities in the country, and learn a little more about the impact of vehicles.

Even if you aren’t in one of the top cities, you can still support Habitat for Humanity – and the planet – with a car donation today! The Cars for Homes donation program helps get older, higher-polluting vehicles off the road while helping build homes for those in need. Not a bad way to celebrate!

Taking time to clean up in our backyard!

Emily KelleyEarth Day, Hooray!

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