Environmental Safety Remains Focus of Industry Partners

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When the Department of Environmental Management steps in to manage industry regulations, the discussion typically turns to government overreach. That’s not the case in Rhode Island, where officials were happy to announce a productive agreement between the state and Rhode Island Recycled Metals corporation.

Although the company will need to address hazardous waste on its property, the state is focused on reducing the financial burden of cleanup costs, and potentially saving jobs in the process. David Chopy, chief of the Department of Environmental Management’s Office of Compliance and Inspection, said his office has been trying to “figure out whether they actually have the ability to do the cleanup that’s needed.”1

Focus on Recycling, Environmental Issues

The focus on recycling, rather than profit, has been echoed throughout the country. As scrap metal prices fall, one resident in Wisconsin told reporters, “My philosophy is that things need to [be] recycled and just to put it into the landfill is not a good thing for the whole country and for the environment”.2

Rhode Island Recycled Metals will work with independent consultants to develop a long-term plan and will begin by removing trash from the property.

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Ethan Frederick GrantEnvironmental Safety Remains Focus of Industry Partners

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