Scrap Metal Market: April 2016

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Scrap Metal Market Trends

Scrap metal prices for crushed autobodies have slightly increased 8.57% over the past month (see March 2016 Scrap Metal Market Watch), but an overall 9.66% decline over the past year.

Over the past month, the automotive industry has shown continued signs of devaluation. The Wall Street Journal reported the scrap metal sector to be the “latest victim” of the commodities bust, and later revealed used by the Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries.

Zone Pricing

All zones have seen a slight uptick in prices. A similar increase was observed in June of 2014, prior to a sharp decline months later. Scrap value per zone remains unstable in a declining market, and no single zone can be compared in terms of access to: aluminum, copper, nickel, palladium, platinum, steel, or zinc.

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Ethan Frederick GrantScrap Metal Market: April 2016

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