metals recycling

Why It’s Important to Recycle Scrap Metal

While every day millions of Americans place household items in their recycling bin for collection, many of the common household items and office equipment made from metal – which can be successfully recycled to make new products – often get overlooked. While many recognize the benefits of recycling and do so on a daily basis,

This Vehicle Has Heart

Saving people from harm…restoring well being and health…providing life-saving services…bringing people back to life… Yes, it served its community well.  And, at the end of its life, this ambulance continued to serve its community.  Donated in Colorado through the CARS FOR HOMES program, proceeds from the sale of this emergency vehicle helped build a house where a Habitat

Moving Back Home for the Summer Could Lead to a Surprise Tax Deduction

The time is here.  The school year has ended and the dorms are closing for the summer.  You’re finally scheduled to pick up your son or daughter (or both) from college and they’ll be all yours for the next 3 months. You arrive at the dorm to find boxes, bags and milk crates, furniture and