This Vehicle Has Heart

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Saving people from harm…restoring well being and health…providing life-saving services…bringing people back to life…

Yes, it served its community well.  And, at the end of its life, this ambulance continued to serve its community.  Donated in Colorado through the CARS FOR HOMES program, proceeds from the sale of this emergency vehicle helped build a house where a Habitat for Humanity family could be safe and well, and grow together.  By helping families in this way, the Habitat for Humanity program builds healthy, stronger communities through empowerment, partnerships, and service.

It is only through donations that Habitat for Humanity is able to carry out their life-changing mission. Making vehicle donations a much appreciated and very important element in making Habitat homes a reality.  If you would like to help families in need and have a vehicle you’d consider donating, contact CARS FOR HOMES.

About Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is an international, non-governmental, and nonprofit organization, founded in 1976 that brings people together to build “simple, decent, and affordable” homes, communities and hope all around the world.

Emily KelleyThis Vehicle Has Heart

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