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Scrap Metal Market: April 2016

Scrap Metal Market Trends Scrap metal prices for crushed autobodies have slightly increased 8.57% over the past month (see March 2016 Scrap Metal Market Watch), but an overall 9.66% decline over the past year. Over the past month, the automotive industry has shown continued signs of devaluation. The Wall Street Journal reported the scrap metal

Palladium Follows Platinum Drop

Palladium prices dropped 15% this month, hitting a two-year low. Sources cite weak automotive demand in the U.S. and China – the automotive market accounts for 70% of annual consumption, used in catalytic converters. Mining has increased under the influence of a strong U.S. dollar, while demand has shrunk – this year’s demand is only

The (radical) truth is, attacking waste is the engine that will pull the whole train. If you’re looking for a quick, profitable ascent up Mount Sustainability, going after waste is the natural place to begin. radical industrialist

Ray C. Anderson, Confessions of a Radical Industrialist