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Palladium Eclipses Gold As Most Valuable Precious Metal

In 2018 palladium was one of the top performing commodities surging past gold in value. Throughout the past year many of the metals found in automobiles like steel or aluminum have struggled in the market due in part to tariffs and a global economic slowdown but one that rose to the top is palladium. In

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Tesla Effect: Lithium to Lift Commodities

Lithium to Benefit Aluminum, Copper Today, battery-powered vehicles represent only 2% of the consumer market, with lithium demand for batteries at about 175,000 tons annually. Manufacturers including Tesla, Chevrolet, and Nissan have plans to expand production significantly over the next five years, requiring more lithium, which is concentrated in a handful of locations in Chile,

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Scrap Metal Market: April 2016

Scrap Metal Market Trends Scrap metal prices for crushed autobodies have slightly increased 8.57% over the past month (see March 2016 Scrap Metal Market Watch), but an overall 9.66% decline over the past year. Over the past month, the automotive industry has shown continued signs of devaluation. The Wall Street Journal reported the scrap metal

Aluminum and Copper Plummet

A hybrid of economic forces continues to reduce already depressed prices of metals, including gold, steel, copper, and now aluminum. “China’s stock market crashes again as panicking sellers lose faith” reads today’s headline, underscoring the gravity of weak demand while giving speculators cause to lower oil futures below $50 per barrel.1 Mining production has increased


WSJ: Platinum Slammed by Supplies, Dollar

From: Platinum Slammed by Supplies, Dollar (WSJ) By Tatyana Shumsky A strong dollar is pressing down on platinum. The precious metal, whose uses range from car-exhaust filters to jewelry, tumbled to a six-year low on Monday, weighed down by a surge in supplies that stems in part from the South African currency’s sharp depreciation against the U.S.