Wreckonomics Dispatches™: DigIn Conference May 2018

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Last month, Advanced Remarketing Services attended the DigIn Conference in Austin Texas.  Digin is an ‘Insur Tech’ Conference focused on technology innovation in the Property and Casualty Space.  Entrepreneurs and established enterprises gather together to talk about innovation, changes, challenges, and opportunities in insurance markets.

For three days we participated in a compelling conversation on estimatics, imaging, and the ‘Internet of Things’.   The sheer amount of data delivered by the normal operation of a new vehicle is fascinating. “The modern connected car can have up to 10 different networks, 30 million lines of code and between 100 to 150 automotive computers all communicating using various protocols

One of the fastest growing conferences in the P&C world there were some interesting presentations of ideas and dilemmas created by the modern auto marketplace.  We heard from innovators, makers, insurance companies. The conference was largely attended by innovation officers and technology executives.

Some of the best-received presentations were from Airbus Intelligence imaging and Swoop Roadside on their towing application and of course Google’s Waymo Project.  As we progress toward a future where the driver’s role is significantly reduced or completely driverless, Google is doing some incredible work to map the future of autonomous vehicles.  Google is currently driving more than 20 million virtual miles every month and in February of 2018 passed 5 million actual miles.


The numbers are staggering and spurred on a lively debate.

All in all a pretty great conference in a Hot (literally and figuratively) town.

Joe HearnWreckonomics Dispatches™: DigIn Conference May 2018

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