Scrap Metal Market: July 2016

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Scrap Metal Market Holds Steady

Scrap metal prices for crushed autobodies held steady with 2.17% growth over the past month (see June 2016 Scrap Metal Market Watch), and have grown 31.62% over the past year.


Across the Atlantic, the Brexit vote sent a shockwave through the base metal market, temporarily causing prices to plummet. However, the market has quickly recovered, as prices have returned to – or even rallied above – previous levels.

“The base metals complex has climbed 10% on average since January 1 on the London Metal Exchange. Zinc has been the star performer, up 28.0% to date, with tin in second at 16.4%. Lead is the only metal to have lost since January 1, down 1.2%, while nickel is up 7.0%. Copper is up 2.8% to date and aluminum 8.9%.” 1

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Ethan Frederick GrantScrap Metal Market: July 2016

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